Introducing the New SEAOI Mission, Vision & Core Values

by David Nickell, SEAOI Board of Directors


SEAOI is pleased to announce that as a part of the 2017 Strategic Plan, our organization has a re-vamped mission, vision & core values.

To date, SEAOI has been operating under the SEAOI bylaws and utilizing a set of core values to help guide the main focus for our organization. As a part of the Strategic Planning process, a governance workgroup was formed to study if the SEAOI Core Values needed to be updated. 

The governance workgroup surveyed numerous different organizations and how they presented their organization’s purpose, goals and values.  Based on our investigation and the guidance of our Strategic Planning Consultant, ESC, the Governance Committee set out to draft three main statements:

  1. Mission Statement – A statement of WHAT our organization is and WHO our organization serves.
  2. Vision Statement – A statement of WHERE we want to go to use as a guiding light to identify our mission. 
  3. Statement of Core Values – Values that are integrally a part of the organization. 

A key finding of the governance workgroup was that the three statements needed to be succinct and easy to remember by our members.  After much debate, the draft statements were shared with the SEAOI Board of Directors for approval in January 2017 and approved in February 2017. 

Thank you to all of the SEAOI members who participated in this effort!

The SEAOI Board of Directors is pleased to present the new SEAOI Mission, Vision and Core Values!



Mission, Vision, and Core Values


SEAOI champions excellence for its members in the practice of Structural Engineering.



Structural Engineers will be leaders in innovation of the built environment while advancing the prestige of the profession.


Core Values

  • Support LEGISLATION to uphold and preserve the Illinois Structural Engineering Act to ensure the safeguarding the lives and property of the public
  • Encourage EDUCATION to advance the art and science of Structural Engineering
  • Promote PUBLIC AWARENESS to inspire confidence in the profession of Structural Engineering
  • Work to uphold the HONOR and INTEGRITY of the profession


2017 SEAOI Strategic Plan

We are pleased to unveil the 2017 Strategic Plan that is the culmination of months of hard work by SEAOI members to help us achieve our organization’s new mission and vision!

SEAOI was guided through a detailed strategic planning process by Executive Service Corps. Over 50 members were engaged in a process that included surveying of our membership, multiple brainstorming retreats, and the formation of four key workgroups. The workgroups included Governance, Outreach, Membership, and Programs. 

Each workgroup developed their own purpose, issues, goals, tasks and plans. The summary available here is the result of the Strategic Planning effort that will help to guide our organization over the next three years.

Thank you to all who participated and be on the lookout in the future for status updates on our progress!


Annual Report

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SEAOI's annual report for the 2015-2016 fiscal year was published in the fall of 2016.