The Structural Engineers Association of Illinois’ statement of purpose is: To advance and advocate excellence in structural engineering and to aid in safeguarding the public. Connecting professionals in a mutual learning environment is one of the vehicles SEAOI uses to advance excellence in the field of engineering. SEAOI's Women in Structural Engineering (WiSE) supports that mission by providing a forum for networking in the context of educating our members.

We focus on the unquantifiable aspect of networking for women in the structural engineering community. Several years ago, the comment was made by a fellow female SEAOI member: “There are so few women in our corner of the industry. Why don’t we know all of them?” From that conversation, we devised a mission to provide a setting for women to get to know one another, create a network, and form mentorship relationships. With the increasing success of our events, we are turning our focus to hosting speakers with different backgrounds, experience, and expertise in skills we all need to improve upon while still providing a forum for networking.

Interested in what other WiSE groups are doing? Click here for the central WiSE website linking groups around the country!



Inspiring Wonder: Dream Big

Thanks to all who came out for the viewing of the movie "Dream Big" on May 5, 2018. The film takes a journey of discovery from the world’s tallest building to a bridge higher than the clouds. In addition, participants enjoyed STEM demonstrations and a Lego Earthquake Shake Table.


WiSE Book Club

Interested in upping your game by reading your way to new ideas? Join the WiSE book club! We read business and career-focused books and discuss over a lunch hour. This event is open to anyone interested – ALL are welcome!

At our recent June 2018 meeting, we read and discussed Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity by Kim Scott. Radical Candor™ is the ability to Challenge Directly and show you Care Personally at the same time. Radical Candor will help you and all the people you work with do the best work of your lives and build the best relationships of your career.

Our next book selection and meeting date will be announced soon in the Tuesday Update -- stay tuned!


E-Week Girl Day Instagram Contest

Congratulations to Natalie Tse, SE, LEED AP, winner of  the 2018 E-Week Girl Day Instagram Contest!