April 28, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

The Structural Engineers Association of Illinois is pleased to announce the 2021 SEAOI Virtual Trade Show Series. The event provides a forum for engineers and architects to attend informative presentations. Attendees typically represent a diverse cross-section of all aspects of the profession including: design, construction management, material suppliers, academia, general contracting, and owners’ representation.  


April 21, 2021

 12:00pm - 12:30pm       Aeos: The Next Evolution in Structural Steel
 Dennis Pilarczyk, NUCOR
 12:30pm - 1:00 pm       Unique Steel Solutions for Complex Connection Details
 Michael Gray, Cast Connex
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm  BONUS BREAKOUT SESSION
 Michael Gray and Jennifer Pazdon, Cast Connex




April 28, 2021

    12:00pm -  12:30pm     High-Rise Façade Inspection and Confined Space
 Inspection Using Drone Technology

 Ted Parisot, Helios Visions
 12:30pm - 1:00pm  Design, Construction, & Applications of the
 T-WALL® Retaining Wall System for Railroads in   Chicago

 Kamal Dixit, The Reinforced Earth Company
 1:00pm - 1:30pm   Efficient Designs into Concrete
 with Advanced Base Plate Design

 Nishan Pethiyagoda, Hilti
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm  BONUS BREAKOUT SESSION
 Nishan Pethiyagoda, Hilti








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About the Speakers

Dennis Pilarczyk, Jr., PE, CWI - Manager of Building Solutions

Dennis Pilarczyk, PE, CWI is the Manager of Building Solutions with Nucor’s new Construction Solutions team.  Before joining Nucor, Dennis spent two years as a Structural Steel Specialist with AISC and prior to that was a practicing structural engineer in the Southeast for 14 years.  Dennis lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, has held Professional Engineering licensure in NC, SC, TN, GA and is an active member of the Structural Engineers Association of North Carolina.

Aeos: The Next Evolution in Structural Steel
High strength structural steel is not a new concept, however the advantages of ASTM A913 have not been fully realized or embraced by the structural design community.  As the sole producer of A913 steel in North America, Nucor is excited to share their new name for this revolutionary steel – Aeos.  Available in yield strengths of 50, 65 and 70 ksi, there are applications in nearly every vertical construction project to discover the benefits of Aeos.  Offering high strength, good ductility, proven weldability and enhanced toughness, Aeos steel is an exceptional choice for many structural design and construction applications.  Typical uses include gravity columns, chord members of long-span trusses and bridge girders, as well as situations where seismic design is a critical factor.

Michael Gray Ph.D., P.Eng - Executive Vice President
Cast Connex

Michael is a co-founder and Executive VP of Cast Connex. He possesses a Doctorate in Civil Engineering and has co-developed several patented devices for seismic performance of steel structures.

Unique Steel Solutions for Complex Connection Details
Use of steel castings and engineered forgings in building and bridge design is ever increasing. The freeform geometry inherent in the steel casting manufacturing process has led to castings becoming a preferred solution for architecturally exposed steel connections. However, freedom of geometry and material properties can also be leveraged to provide elegant solutions to the most difficult engineering challenges.

Ted Parisot - Co-Founder
Helios Visions

Ted Parisot is Co-Founder and CMO of Helios Visions as well as a member of the CompTIA Drone Advisory Council. Helios Visions is a professional Drone Services that provides aerial data collection (videos, photos, infrastructure inspection) building project/site inspection, façade images,) to many types of organizations including: engineers, developers, façade/infrastructure inspection companies, as well as building and property managers throughout the United States. With many notable waivers including: Part 107 Operations over people & Operations at night, Helios Visions places paramount emphasis on safe and legal drone operations.

High-Rise Façade Inspection and Confined Space Inspection Using Drone Technology
This presentation examines the advantages of using drone technology for infrastructure inspection, in this case high-rise façade inspection and confined space inspection through two projects:  The Mies van der Rohe designed vertical smokestack at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and the high-rise façade inspection via drone.

Kamal Dixit - Geotechnical Engineer
The Reinforced Earth Company

Mr. Dixit has over twenty five years of experience in engineering, design, construction and project management. Before he joined The Reinforced earth Company in 2018, he worked for the Neel Company for twenty one years. Mr. Dixit

Design, Construction, & Applications of the T-WALL® Retaining Wall System for Railroads in Chicago
The presentation will provide the benefits in terms of construction time and cost that can be achieved by the use of T-wall for Chicago Railroad projects.  Geotechnical considerations in terms of bearing capacity, global stability, and total and differential settlement that should be addressed so that T wall can be used on Chicago area soils are also provided.  

Nishan Pethiyagoda - Lead Field Engineer

Nishan Pethiyagoda is a Lead Field Engineer at Hilti North America. He has 25 years of experience with post-installed anchor systems having been involved with various aspects of fastening solutions from engineering design to product development and marketing. Nishan holds a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering and a master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Efficient Designs into Concrete with Advanced Base Plate Design
The workflow for steel to concrete connection design has been a tedious process requiring many steps and transfer of information between several different software. This presentation will address how software integrations and advanced base plate analysis can help perform the designs more efficiently and safely.



Terry McDonald ( Klein and Hoffman, Inc. )
Kivanc Artun ( Ghafari Associates )
Reza Tavakolian ( Reinforced Earth )
David Poland ( Dave Poland Engineering, LLC )
Timothy Laken ( CBRE )
William Bast ( LPI, Inc. )
Joseph Kauzlarich ( Michael Baker International )
Johann Aakre ( Michael Baker International )
Maurice Magarelli ( The Reinforced Earth Company )
Alex Abraham ( The Reinforced Earth Company )
Felix Ankrah ( The Reinforced Earth Company )
Matt Seims ( The Reinforced Earth Company )
Charlie Lawrence ( The Reinforced Earth Company )
Pete Anderson ( The Reinforced Earth Company )
Nick Deni ( The Reinforced Earth Company )
Andy Mott ( The Reinforced Earth Company )
Mustapha Ibrahim ( WSP )
Robert Kritzler ( Raths, Raths & Johnson, Inc. )
Matt Wagner ( Halliwell )
Steve Citko ( exp US Services, Inc. )
Soliman Khudeira ( CTA )
Brian Miller ( Cast Connex )
Brian Lammert ( Raths, Raths & Johnson, Inc. )
Vincent Tabor ( Lin Engineering, Ltd. )
Jamal Grainawi ( WSP USA )
Markus Ebeldinger ( AMICO Security Products )
Dylan Broussard ( Gibraltar Industries, Inc. )
Jesse Fate ( Hilti )
Lisa Barkand ( Hilti )
Jennifer Ray ( Hilti )
Katie Pickardt ( Hilti )
Martin White ( TGRWA, LLC )
Saurabh Mittal ( Horner & Shifrin, Inc. )
Roman Szczesniak ( RSJR Engineering Ltd. )
Nichole Mueller ( Mueller & Associates, LLC )
Pinit Wichaimethawee ( MWRDGC )
John Miller ( Nayyar & Nayyar, International, Inc. )
Kristen Erickson ( Pepper Construction )
David Bibbs ( CannonDesign )
HAIDER HIMAIRI ( Thornton Tomasetti )
Michael LaMont ( Rush )
Mark Bendok ( Alfred Benesch & Company )
R. Bradlee Fletcher ( Atlas Tube/Zekelman Industries )
Theodore Georgas
Eduardo Prieto ( Exp Federal )
Soliman Khudeira ( CDOT - Engineering )
Erin Powers ( Litania Sports Group )
Matthew Cummins ( DeSimone Consulting Engineers )
Michael Schmidt ( Spancrete )
David Nickell ( TGRWA, LLC )
Jongmin Seo ( Atlas Engineering Group, LTD )
Lidija Scekic ( Atlas Engineering Group, Ltd. )
M. Basar Civelek ( Atlas Engineering Group LTD. )
Nancy Radler ( SEAOI )
Stephanie Crain ( SEAOI )
Mary Jane Davis ( SEAOI )
Dennis Pilarczyk ( NUCOR )
Kamal Dixit ( Reinforced Earth )
Nishan Pethiyagoda ( Hilti, Inc. )
Michael Gray ( Cast Connex )
Ted Parisot ( Helios Visions )
Robert Sinn ( Thornton Tomasetti, Inc. )
Madeleine Grimmer ( Simpson Strong-Tie )
Harry Allen ( HRA Engineering LLC )
David Gaskins ( consulting engineer )
Steven Jastrzebski ( Sargent & Lundy )
William Kolbuk ( Sargent & Lundy LLC )
Matt Wagner ( Wagner Engineering Services, LLC )
Tim Winter ( WSP USA )
David Bronars ( Trotter and Associates, Inc. )
Robert Sinn ( Thornton Tomasetti, Inc. )
Scott Nacheman ( Envista Forensics )
Aphrodite Angelakos ( a1a Design Group Corporation )
Michael Schmidt ( Spancrete )
Robin Shelton ( Mohr & Kerr Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. )
David Nauheimer ( Sargent & Lundy LLC )
R. Bradlee Fletcher ( Atlas Tube/Zekelman Industries )
Kevin Dommer ( Jensen Hughes )
Jason Soucie ( Dewberry )
Jonathan Pearson ( EXP )
Vincent Tabor ( Lin Engineering, Ltd. )
John Miller ( Nayyar & Nayyar, International, Inc. )
WILLIAM MOORHEAD ( Barry-Wehmiller Design Group )
Thomas Leahy ( American Structurepoint, Inc. )
Soliman Khudeira ( CDOT - Engineering )
Oscar Ortiz ( HNTB Corporation )
Jorge Medina ( Burns and McDonnell )
HAIDER HIMAIRI ( Thornton Tomasetti )
John Leary ( Gannett Fleming )
Lisa Buntin ( HBM Engineering )
Dana McKane ( Orion Engineers )
Eric White ( Goodfriend Magruder Structure )
Nishan Pethiyagoda ( Hilti, Inc. )
Ted Parisot ( Helios Visions )
Dennis Pilarczyk ( NUCOR Corporation )
Jennifer Pazdon ( Cast Connex )
Kamal Dixit ( The Reinforced Earth Company )