Senior Level Structural Forensic Engineer

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CTL Group
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We are CTLGroup, a team of engineers, architects, scientists, and consultants who are seasoned technical experts possessing unparalleled experience, knowledge, and testing proficiency in structures and materials. Our integrated team is backed by one of the most sophisticated commercial structural and building materials laboratories in the United States. Whether providing technical consultation, conducting laboratory studies, performing failure investigations, or offering expert testimony, we aim to solve our clients' problems and assist in achieving their objectives. Beyond delivering mere data, our team provides a foundation of confidence upon which our clients can build.
We are seeking a senior-level structural engineer to join our Structural Engineering & Evaluation team based at our corporate office in Mount Prospect, Illinois. The ideal candidate is a seasoned professional with a track record of investigating and analyzing structural failures, performance issues, and defects in buildings and other structures. This role involves conducting forensic engineering assessments to determine the root causes of structural issues, providing expert opinions, and offering recommendations for remediation and repair. The candidate will be expected to assist with growing CTLGroup’s legal and insurance client base and will require a deep understanding of structural engineering principles, construction materials, and failure analysis. While a senior-level candidate is our preference, outstanding candidates for all ranks will be considered and are encouraged to apply.

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Key Responsibilities
• Conduct thorough on-site inspections to assess structural damage, failures, or defects.
• Collect and analyze data related to structural condition, materials, and construction practices.
• Perform structural analysis and modeling to evaluate the integrity of buildings and structures.
• Apply engineering principles and analytical methods to determine root causes of structural problems.
• Develop recommendations for the repair or retrofit of structures based on forensic findings.
• Prepare detailed engineering reports documenting observations, analyses, findings, and recommendations.
• Serve as an expert witness, as needed, in legal proceedings, depositions, and court hearings.
• Manage and oversee forensic engineering projects, ensuring deadlines and budget constraints are met.
• Stay abreast of advancements in structural engineering, materials science, and forensic analysis.
• Explore markets in area of expertise and participate in business development activities toward meeting personal productivity expectations and contributing to group profitability.
• Proactively participate in professional development and thought leadership activities.
• Mentor and coach junior staff.
• Education: Bachelor’s degree (BS) in Civil or Structural Engineering required; Advanced degree (MS / PhD) preferred.
• Experience: 10+ years of experience in structural engineering, with a focus on forensic investigations.
• Licensure: Professional licensure is a requirement, either Professional Engineer (PE) or Structural Engineer (SE), with both licenses a plus.
• Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills, especially in presenting complex technical information.
• Analytical Skills: Strong background in first principles of structural engineering and mechanics. Proficient with engineering tools for structural evaluation and analysis.
• Project Management: Experience managing and leading forensic engineering projects.
• Business Development: Experience with client engagement, development of project scopes and budgets, and proposal preparation.
Physical and Travel Demands
• Position may require some work to be completed in a field or laboratory environment, including possible work from heights or in confined spaces.
• Role may require working additional hours.
• Up to 40% travel may be required for this position.

Mount Prospect, IL
Job Start Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Job Requirements:

• Education: Bachelor’s degree (BS) in Civil or Structural Engineering required; Advanced degree (MS / PhD) preferred.
• Experience: 10+ years of experience in structural engineering, with a focus on forensic investigations.

Job Contact Name:
Amanda DiCianni Salinas
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+1 847-972-3342
Job Listing Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 2024